Window 101: Getting Rid of Fog in Insulated Windows

Windows are wonderful in a home or any commercial space, as they allow for a picture of the outside world, for bright, warming natural light and because they can add a little touch of excitement to any décor. However, all of that beauty and positivity can be interrupted when the glass is marred with fog and moisture.

Moisture build up between the two panes of a window is not something that the average homeowner can deal with alone. There is no way to get between the panes to remove the fog and yet, without treatment, it can continue to spread ruining the clarity of the glass and disrupting the view of the outdoors.

Unfortunately, such trouble can point to bigger problems as well. When moisture is allowed to enter the window or to seep in around the frame is can lead to mold growth or structural rotting. Therefore, it should be dealt with as soon as possible. If you are noticing the same problem on several or all of your windows, then you might have to consider investment in replacement windows. In Georgetown TX, there are several reputable contractors that should provide free estimates. It is always recommended that you have several contractors look at the windows, make recommendations, and supply detailed estimates. This will provide you more insight and a choice of workers with varying strengths and weaknesses.

If the problem of fog and moisture is limited to one or two windows, then there are a few others things that you can try before turning to window replacement. Sometimes, the fog is not fog at all. If it isn’t altered by changing weather patterns and there is no visible droplets of water, then it is likely something known as silica haze. Unfortunately, this is a problem that cannot be corrected. However, if you are sure that the issue is fog, you should contact a window contractor in your area. It may be possible to restore the window by removing the moisture and fixing the seal so water is no longer able to enter. Don’t choose just anyone to handle this process. It is a delicate job and should be handled by an experienced professional. A guarantee should also be provided, so you don’t find yourself paying for the same job to be done twice.

The contractor should not automatically resort to replacing the window for a problem like this, as it can often be corrected and the fix should cost significantly less than a new window. The correction will likely require the drilling of small holes, through which the existing moisture can be removed. There is a special tool to make this job easier and less risky to the glass surface. The interior of the pane will be cleaned and dried before the holes are capped. Any issues with the seal should be evaluated and treated, so the water is not allowed to return. The Round Rock, TX contractor might have other helpful ideas for preventing moisture build up on and around your window frames as well.