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With the growing cost of home repairs and insurance fees, concrete roofing tiles — along with other hearty building materials– are becoming more popular with the residential markets. When building materials are looked at as an investment, the choice is pretty clear regarding concrete. Installing a roof that has a lifespan of over one hundred years with little to no maintenance is a great choice for the savvy homeowner. Sure the upfront costs are going to be more, but ask your local roofers how many times they have to go repair a concrete roof. The answer is probably ‘never’.

Concrete has been around for centuries. The first mixtures were not as sophisticated as today’s concrete, but the idea was the same. Mix sand, water, and limestone together in the correct proportions and let it dry to create a highly protective, strong substrate. Today’s concrete can be accredited to an English cement manufacturer who patented Portland Cement. This mixture is uniform throughout, which means that it can be poured into forms, rather than requiring hand layering like the ancient civilizations were required to do. Also, with the introduction of steel as the reinforcing agent, today’s concrete has much higher tensile strengths. Because of these properties, concrete roofing shingles are extremely durable, fire resistant, and can hold up to just about anything Mother Nature puts out.

Asphalt shingles can be expensive and call for repetitive roof repair. Houston, TX has some of the worst rain and wind storms in the country. Due to the fact that asphalt shingles are flimsier, and more susceptible to wind and weather, they require a lot more attention after large storms than concrete would. The replacement cost of a shingle roof can be found on Concrete shingles are less likely to be affected by wind, because they are heavy. Concrete shingles are also very water resistant for their lifetime, unlike asphalt shingles, which can lose their protective properties over time. Concrete shingles provide the same level of protection at fifty- or even one hundred years after installation.

Concrete is made up of calcium silicates, magnesium oxide, and limestone. Stone is ground down into a fine powder, and then mixed with above mentioned materials to provide smooth cement. With the addition of water it not only hardens, but also becomes water resistant. Once the concrete has the correct mixture and water amounts, it can be dyed with the use of iron oxide and water. Nearly any color imaginable can be achieved today and once the desired hue is achieved, the mixture is poured into molds and allowed to harden over a period of a few hours before it can be handled. In large production facilities the tiles are put into an oven where relative humidity and temperatures are closely monitored in order to dry and harden the tiles. The idea is to maintain the perfect drying environment and prevent brittleness.

It takes skill and knowlege to properly install the finished product, which arrives in sleeves of loose tile. This is not a project for the beginner DIYer, but the investment of hiring the professionals is well worth it because this will likely be the only time you pay for a new roof in your lifetime.

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